Cindy Steedle (aka: Rodeo)
Rodeo 5
Name Cindy Steedle (aka: Rodeo)
Origin Newman, GA
Hair color Brown w/ blonde
Eye Color Brown
Characteristics Hilarious laugh, sometimes wears cowboy hat in bed.
Eliminated Episode 4


Cindy Steedle (aka: "Rodeo") is an extraordinary woman for many reasons. She has experienced a successful and nationally recognized career in physical fitness, including modeling, training classes, music videos, magazines and other print ad appearances, but these are not her greatest triumphs. Defeating death after a diagnosis of cancer she recovered from paralysis due to a diving accident at the 1988 Olympics, only to lose her first child, Brooklyn Nicole. Cindy was blessed with a baby boy but she was forced to be hospitalized for over 3 months before bringing him home. Overcoming the odds, this single mother considers her greatest achievement to be her son Eric.

Cindy was cast as a featured player in the number one hit VH1 series "Rock of Love" starring Bret Michaels, the lead singer of the rock group "Poison". Twenty-five women were selected from around the country to compete for the attention of the rock star. Cindy showed she was one-of-a-kind during the course of the series. Today, she serves as an television and events hostess, actress, and fitness model.