Heather Chadwell
Name Heather Chadwell
Origin Columbus, OH
Hair color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Characteristics Grew up with 5 step-brothers and describes self as a tomboy, has been in several catfights because women are always jealous of her, close friend of Bret, hates Daisy de la Hoya.
Eliminated Episode 12 (Runner-up)


Heather Chadwell is known for participating on VH1's reality shows. She first appeared in the first season of Rock of Love where she and 19 other girls competed for the love of Poison's lead singer, Bret Michaels. She made it to the final two, only to be rejected by Bret feeling that she is more of the party type of girl. After Rock of Love she competed in I Love Money where she and 16 other contestants fought to win a check worth $250,000. Unfortunately, she did not win, and finished in ninth place. She also participated in Rock of Love Girls: Charm School in order to win a check for $100,000. She was a dancer at Scores Las Vegas.