Jes Rickleff
Jes Rickleff
Name Jes Rickleff
Origin Naperville, IL
Hair color Blonde w/ pink
Eye Color Light Brown
Characteristics Likes attention
Eliminated Winner


Jes Rickleff is a licensed cosmetologist from Naperville, Illinois. She is the proud owner of four tattoos and nine piercings and considers herself as very independent.

As one of the 25 contestants on Rock of Love, Jes Rickleff proved to be tough competition. She was named most valuable player of the football competition/ challenge on the show's fifth episode, winning her a solo date with Bret Michaels. She won another one-on-one date with the rock star after winning 1 million dollars the album cover challenge with Lacey and Sam, and managed to make it all the way to the final two with Heather Chadwell.

For their final date on Rock of Love, Jes and Bret boarded a 70-foot yacht, where she opened up to Bret about her fear of rejection. In the end, Jes' charms were what captured Bret's affections, as he ended up choosing her over Heather.

Unfortunately, Jes Rickleff and Bret's relationship did not last very long. During the Rock of Love reunion special, which was taped some time after the final episode had been filmed, Jes told Bret that Heather would have been the better choice for him. This only aggravated previous reports of the couple's break-up, with the New York Post claiming prior to the airing of the reunion show that she had become involved with a Chicago-based clothing designer. Currently, she is busy developing and promoting an apparel line called, Chii Clothing Culture, which she co-owns. Contestants